Lean is the means for leveraging growth for all the sectors -Manufacturing, Logistic  supply chain & services. We interpret  Lean as a culture, more than a set of efficiency and improvement techniques. We inculcate strategies & implement through practical hands on approach that help organization to deliver meaningful & measurable milestone.

Benefit after Lean implementation of 1 year:

  • Reduced delivery lead time & inventory
  • Improved flexibility & Build quality
  • Enhance people competency & knowledge base
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Sustaining changes

Lean Techno provides services considering overall aspects of Lean implementation through:

  • Manufacturing Process Consultancy (MPC): To Assess, Prioritize, Align, Formulate, Establish and Sharing best practices to implement Lean Maturity Tracking System.
  • Kaizen Blitz (KB): Based on the pain areas, design and execution of Kaizen workshops to be executed on site along with the Cross Functional Team to realize bottom line growth.
  • 360 degree Training towards Building Lean Culture : Training programs to build lean culture to achieve objectives towards Operational Excellence.

Daily Management System (DMS): Design and software development of the Daily Management System to monitor the Operational Excellence Indexes.

Why Lean Factory Design ?  Proactive or Reactive Lean?

LFD is a proactive lean. We focus on designing waste-free, visual factories & facilities in LFD that have smooth flow and are Lean in its orientation. This applies also to processing centers, assembly workstations, material management & handling infrastructure etc.

How Lean Factory Design (LFD):

  • Lean / Cellular lay-out, process design for manufacturing flow improvement
  • Quick changing & flexible equipment & workstations
  • POUS (point of use stores) & design of supermarket for storage with PULL
  • Customized & count free containers for parts & FIFO racks
  • Ergonomic workstation
  • Lean Warehouse for optimized flow of parts
  • Lean logistic system ( JIT operation)
  • Multi-skilled & Multi –tasking operators
  • Visual management


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