About Client

Virupaksha, Is a fast-emerging API manufacturer with diversified Global Presence and with state-of- art infrastructure. It established in 2003, with headquarters in Hyderabad, India.

Virupaksha has 4 manufacturing units at Kazipally, Pashamylaram and Gandhi Nagar. At these units, a lot of emphasis is laid on maintaining high standards in quality. This is further confirmed by the fact that our plant is FDA certified. Our Research and Development center, Vector Bio, is run by accomplished and skillful personnel, who have taken on every challenge thrown at them, coming up with innovative solutions each time. Also, the effort and time they have put in has been fruitful in developing advanced and economical technologies.

Engagement Roadmap – Scope of Work

Establishment of procurement model with supermarket & pull concept

Capacity de-bottleneck & production scheduling to improve productivity by 50%
Introduction of Total productive maintenance to improve utilization factors / operation rate

Develop people competency through training & competency matrix

Implementation of the Daily Management Software (DMS) to track the operational excellence indexes for plant operation. This will be implemented at the end of six months


Ongoing projects.

Establishment of utilization tracker & action through weekly gap analysis.

2 days bootcamp workshop to set an optimal target of no. of batches to be increased & identify gap, action plans.

Kanban estabilishment & Triggering Mechanism for In-between stages

De-bottleneck and capacity enhancement by eliminating conflict flow, product scheduling
Introduce TPM concept

Establishment of procurement model for digital triggering of material procurement

Virupaksha Group

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